Saturday, February 21, 2009

Peroneal intraneural ganglia: clinical and electrical findings

Young NP, Sorenson EJ, Spinner RJ, Daube JR. Clinical and electrodiagnostic correlates of peroneal intraneural ganglia. Neurology 2009; 72: 447-452.

Common peroneal neuropathy (CMP) with (n=22) and without (n=11) IG.

Features found with CMP + IG group but not found in -IG group: greater body mass, more pain at knee (52 v . 0 %); more likely fluctuating weakness with weight bearing ( 48 v. 4 %); and palpable mass at fibular head ( 47 v. 0 %). Less presentation of weight loss, immobility or leg crossing. There were no electrophysiologic differences. Tinel's sign and weakness were present in both groups. Higher grade of fibrillations were usually found in tibialis anterior than peroneus longus reflecting cmp. MRI or ultrasound was used to diagnose the entity.

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