Thursday, April 1, 2010

Antibody related neuropathies anti MAG pearls

1.  typical presentation is distal symmetric slowly progressive sensorimotor neuropathy
2.  Half of patients with PN and IgM gammopathy have an autoantibody to MAG, typically kappa chain
3.  Antibody may cross react with SGPG
4.  Prolonged distal motor latencies are the most reliable finding, seen in 90 %
5.  Patients with a positive anti MAG confirmed by Western blot sugggests immune related PN
6.  If patients fulfil criteria for CIDP they should be so treated
7.  Patients with significant deficit should have immune therapy attempted even though it is likely to disappoint.
8.  Relationship to myeloma exists
9.  MGUS beyond  hematology read here ;  malignant transformation here  ; ; miscellany on MGUS prevalence here


tahera said...
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tahera said...

Antibody could be very helpful in reducing neuropathic pain. Thank you for sharing this post.

Aaliyah said...

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